Quick Updates.

Doing: RMTR PPT Presentation and having a ball; while doing it
Listening to: DJ Kazee Final Mix 2009; I've still got roughly, 33:58 to go before it ends.

Update 1:
My family's heading down to Vivo City this Sunday to get our TOY POODLE;
A YES from Mom; and another from DADDYY;
I'll be getting my Kobe afterall:D:D

Update 2:
My baby finally, had got his virgin, clubbing experience!
Hahah! That poor thing, he said it wasn't as fun,
And I told him it was because I'm not there=p

Hahah! Told him to wait till NYC!
Thanks baby! For all your planning, and your hardwork! Even offering to help me look up the Visa requirements and all; Shame on me, for being a tourism student and not doing anything;
(He's really helped drawn up an intinerary for all 5 days in the City!)

Update 3:
Seriously considering University of Queensland tourism programme with Esther.
1.5 years.
LOL, apparently we haven't got enough of each other for 6months in Taipei(:
It's an accredited college; and one of the Big 8 if I'm not wrong;

Update 4:
Just the last lap to go, in school; with the last day of being; 12 Feb; Even before Vday and CNY!
I'm so going to treasure these few moments with my darlings; and friends; and even the slogging done in school for projects and stuff!
I'm really sad that my 3 years are coming to an end; but at the same time, I can't wait for it to end!
Really, graduation is just the beginning of an end;
But these little pockets of memories will always be with me.
Promise, and double promise.

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