Basenji Dream, Dashed.

I so, want to have a dog.

A companion, maybe.
Someone, who will, allow me to hug, as and when I want to,
Especially when I'm sad.

He will be there for me to, hide my tears, in its furry self, if I have any.
Someone, who when I look into its sweet, puppy, eyes, will tell me, or reassure me, that everything is going to be okay.

I need someone, whom I can play fetch with, aimlessly, tirelessly;
I need someone to want me, to play with;
To love, and to depend on me; as much as I depend on it.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea; yes, I'm still referring to a dog here.

I think, I'm running away from everything,
and putting it on the animal.

If I really have my Kobe now,
He will be really annoyed with me; cos I'll be hugging/ pulling him, and not allowing him to leave my sight.

ps/ Kobe's the name of our prospective doggy(:

In the past,
I used to run away from problems, by burying my head in the sand.
Now, I'm running away, by burying my head in the sand.

The only difference is that, I have my Kobe with me.
Or rather, I wished, and I wished, that I have my Kobe with me.


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  1. Anonymous12.1.10

    i still wish you will be able to talk to someone; you need someone to be there for you. Person, not a cutesy doggy.


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