Mail Ordered, Vietnamese Brides.

I'm really glad, that I've got the chance to sit in, and participate in World Issues: A SG Perspective (WISP) this semester.

Had another lesson today, and we spoke about,

A Women's Worth;

How much, exactly, does a woman worth, and then, we looked specifically into the plight of Mail Order brides, hailing from places like Vietnam.

We've watched a couple of videos, and honestly, the class was different, before and after watching the videos. We were more solemn. It's like, the goofiness, and our ability to talk is sucked out of the class. Only our lecturer was talking, and commenting after it. This was not the case in previous sessions, well, I guess, we all saw for ourselves, the ugly side of humanity today.

Men in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 60s, are "buying" foreign brides for a sum of SGD$8000, and usually, they are looking for young, virginal brides as wives, to basically,

a) Bear them children
b) Clean their houses, do their chores
c) You know what they want, when they're shopping for their virginity above everything else.

In the video, the girl, was only, 18 years old, a year younger than me!
And she had to leave her village, in search of a better life, to escape poverty.
So all she wants is someone who loves her, and take care of her needs.

But, what love is there, when, that guy basically picked you from a catalogue, and judges you, based on your looks, age, figure, and virginity.

God, I know the word "virginity" is popping up alot in this post; but, gosh, they're so selfish! Why in the world, would they want a virgin bride, when they've probably got tons of experience under their belts.

I'm being judegmental and stereotypical here, but, the mental image I have of these men is just; waaayy down there.

What love is there, when the both of them, have basically only met for 2 days, with maybe, even zero communication due to the language barrier?

And, why SGD$8000?
Is that how much she is worth?

Priceless. That's how much a person costs.

One, does not use money, to buy love, to get a bride.
You certainly do not bring her home, and ill treat her,
Treat her as your domestic help, as your sex slave, a baby making machine so that some poor child out there, has got your FAMILY name.

One certainly does not buy another, and use her as a punching bag.
The domestic violence that some of these girls face; is what gets to me most.

It's so sad that they see themselves getting out of a horrible situation in their life, to basically live in a living nightmare which they had unknowingly, sign up for.

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