Some Thoughts;

Went to church; and I had a great service today; and then I spoke with Auntie Anna; about an issue; really dear and close to my heart...

I've done the best I could; and I'm going to pray like crazy about it;

But I guess I already know what to do about it; I'm just going to put in your hands, Lord(:

You know the best for me; and yes, I just want YOU to be the core; of my life; of my everything; it's not an easy journey; and choice to make; but I know how tough everything will be; with You NOT in life; so, really, I'm not going to pretend that I can do it on my own;

I've never been so; sure; and convicted; and blogging about this; I won't lie; it kind of takes; guts; to show the world; cos I'm not just telling myself; I'm sharing it with everyone; and all my friends; will know that I've decided to shake things up; and truly; surrender to You;

I'm really apprehensive; a little shakened; but I know I'm going to walk by faith(:

*I'm teaching about FAITH; to my darlings in KIDS Church for the month of October; and what kind of example am I going to be right??! If I don't practice what I preach; like literally(:

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