I (Don't) Feel Like Dancing, Dancing!

Went down to Suntec after church for Ley's performance!

Met Esther and we had a hard time; waving through this window; to get somebody's attention; to ask Ley out!

She couldn't stand still...

She looks so WOW! Her hair, make up, and bling bling on her cheeks; haha!

So we went into the crowds and there were tons of talented dancers around; doing their own thing; but I was most impressed with locking though; and the stomping thing; but of course; I'm forever biased towards my darling; and she was fantastic! (I even screamed her name=p)

Went to have dinner after Ley's performance at Fish & Co; like after such a long time; and it was fab!!! This is seriously one of the few places where I would order fish like; very willingly=p

Esther had her much craved after, Fish & Chips;

While I went for this fusion-y Ginza Salmon; (It was super yummy!)

Ley did pop in once in a while to see us; and looking at her in her get up; in a restaurant was just too funny:D:D

In the end; she won consolation; along with 5 other groups; which was great! (With this being a national comp and her coming so, so far!)

I'm so proud of you Ley!:D:D

* My title today comes from the song, I Don't Feel Like Dancing, by the Scissor Sisters=p

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