So I'm posting again; before I sleep;
but now, I'm gna blog about my dear Harrison:D

Saw these on the bar counter and I couldn't resist but take a look at the notes(:
Both my brothers would be going to Cambodia with their CCA, and yes, they're bringing so much money along with them.

It feels so, surreal, looking at these notes-
I mean, I know it's real money, but somehow, they dont seem REAL enough. LOL

AND it's WEIRDER to know that my darling is using them everyday of his life; not having a problem discerning which is a 1, 5, 10, 20 note. When they're all of the same size.

It makes me feel so far away and distant)):

ANYWAY! His 18th bday photots:D:D

YES! This LOVELY Cranberry Pie; baked for him by his friend who's a TOTAL Domestic GODDESS!

You look so HAPPY(:

And that's all that matters:D

~Still My Favorite Song(:

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