OMG; Did you guys hear about the Malaysian who got attacked by 3 tigers in Singapore Zoo?

Apparently; he jumped into the enclosure on purpose; aka; he committed suicide.

And he chose to die; by feeding himself to 3; very hungry tigers; TOTOALLY devoid of fresh blood in their diet.

LIKE?! OMGG. What could be so harsh on him; that he would CONSIDER DOING that?!

That's just; the 1st in Singapore; and, very brave. and YET. Dumb of him))):

I just saw the news and apparently; the undertakers were able to bag him up; what's left of him anyway. In those black trash bags;


I love tigers; And now; I've got a mixed feeling about these manificent beasts and the way this man; tainted them. But getting them involved in his death.

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