Like; i KNOW that the kids in szechuan doesnt have any food to eat and i;m supposed to be thankful and finish every last morsel of grain on my plate. BUT. i;m really FULL now!!!

how am i supposed to swallow all the rice, and long beans, and eggs. and soup which comes with potatoes and carrots and chicken. and corn on a cob. GOD~

yes. it's a yummy dinner. a very nutritious one.

it's 2336 now. what?! am i supposed to have supper?!
how am i supposed to have supper when i;m full and it consists of rice. and all the carbohydrates. god~

just allow me to rant/ i have no other channel to hit, whine and complain to.
i might as well do it on cyberspace.

this way~ no one will get offended by my brattiness and INSANE hormones causal~ mood.
freak~ i hate how i've became those ladies who just "lose it" because it is the time of the month.

gna go get a cold shower~
hope it'll calm me down.


ps/ it's my parents 19th wedding anniversary today and they "kinda" went to macau to celebrate i guess~

hope they didnt do anything tooo. romantic.
bleugh* seriously. random thought off my head;

how do you live with someone you love for even a month?!
let alone. 19 friggin years. gosh~

wont you quarrel? what happens if you guys are fighting?
do you still sleep on the same bed? or the poor guy gta sleep on the couch?

wont the male ever get tired of the girl's erratic temper?
and decide to leave for good?

i;m really sorry/

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