went out to suntec with my family, and like FINALLY, i figured out how the fountain work~

i mean, i was always intrigued by how there were "bead-like" stuff in the streams of water and how the water always seem to defy gravity and flow upwards instead of down..

do you know the reason why?!

it's PHYSICS! it's because of the light which projects bead like substance onto the water and the light frequency which made it seem as though the water is flowing upwards.. isnt that fab?!

haha so i was sitting in galleria, the new wing of suntec;

saw something which made me go weak in the knees:S haha

and this quote is just fab!
ps/ father's day is coming right up!! 3rd week of june if i;m not wrong(((:

and quan introduced me to this $7,500 watch.

OMG when he told me, my jaw dropped! like,

BELL & ROSS?! why is it so. expensive? like is it really that exclusive?!

but it indeed is a beauty; and what makes the watch unique is that with it's big, square face, few guys could actually pull this off without seeming as though they are trying too hard!

anyway, went over to char's 21st bday bash at cafe del mar at sentosa and it was AWESOME!!!

thanks for being a lovely host char!
& have a blessed year ahead!

the pictures are all over the place but all i can say is that the party was INSANE!! hahah did so many kooky things and it was great bonding time for us(:


anyway, we saw this pretty sunset when we were at sentosa and it was just gorgeous((((:

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