First of all, i know current affairs bore the pants of most people our age but still, i;m going to do something on the atrocities of the Burmese government with regards to the way they handle the crisis caused by Cyclone Nargis.

I mean, the official death toll is like, 100 000.
AND i;m sure more people are dying as i;m doing this post;

BUT the pressing issue is; why cant the Burmese government just admit that they could not handle the crisis by themselves and ALLOW foreign aid effort into the disaster area?!

They are still processing visas and restricting HELP from entering the country just because of their anti foreigner stand.

The people are dying and the number will continue to rise as water and mosquito borne diseases spread through the refugee camps!!

Most of the survivors have got

no food, no shelter,

no families, no money,


so for God's sake; the military junta, stop being so arrogant and selfish;

if you dont want to help YOUR OWN people;

allow others to do the job;

dont play God and kill the lives of the innocent by the thousands~

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