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aww i cant belive's ann's gone)):

that night at the airport was just so surreal~
rushed from dover to changi airport after bcomm paper and honestly!! thought
that i;ll miss her or smt.

thank god the trains were faster than anticipated;

so gna miss u annn!!!!
have fun in adelaide!! haha

awww the saddest part of this?
she'll only be back 2years l8r.

wow. we'll all be 20.
how time flies; it's crazy!

fellow friends got back their o's result on thurs. and.
kinda reminded me how i was like. 2years ago.

the mugging prior to the exams.
the memories in ms wong's homerm was. sweet. sour and bitter)):
math and math and math and math;
gna die from math overdose.
friends will rmb how i cried whn i got my prelims result for chemistry.
yess. i cried.
and i acted like a freak in front of ms. kim. hahaha

how glad i was; whn finally; i got my shocker results for humanities((:

it;s really true.
sec4 is the period
in which i miss the most!!!

have the most fun; have the most stress.
all together;

so many things have changed.. have grown in a way i cannot fathom;
(not physically. but. emotionally and mentally)
and yes. i still hate math.
[how i go onto uni after poly; i seriously doubt my capabilities]

so. thinking abt 2010;
made me go wow. that's gna be year3. 2oyears of age.
i;ll either be doing attachement in SG or overseas.
maybe i'll excel in french.

having said all these;
still miss you ann.
miss those times in bwl and gy.

so sorry that today's all melancholy;
but no worries; i;m still the optimistic me((((:


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