i was told;

to trust that God will never give us an overload of stress that we cant handle~

and then i saw this amazing video featuring Nick Vujicic, a man who was born without his hands and legs~

it;s truly impactful and if u were to listen carefully, he said-

the reason God let us go through struggles and suffering; is because he wna draw us close to Him;


although there might be times whn there are storms in out lives, which is beyond our control. and although God doesnt stop these, He's here, keeping us in His embrace, till it's over..

it made me think about the situation in my life now... how i feel so

whn it comes to my studies.
i cant seem to grasp wht i;m being taught. or wht i;ve learned..
how, i feel like, kelley is so so far away from me..

and now, i belive, i really belive that.
He is here with me. now. and. God makes the impossible. possible.

right now, i;m going to bed. and. tomorrow's gna be a brand new day. gna wrk hard. and. Kelley~ if God's willing, i;m definitely going there(:

i know many of u reading my blogs arent belivers, but, i still feel like i;ve gta do this post;

anyway, if u are feeling so, desolute right now. like. yr whole world's crashing dwn.
think of nick,
w/o hands and legs, he learned how to shave, surf the net, how to swim,he got a degree in finance, he speaks to thousands at different rallies

if nick, a guy who was born with such severe physical disabilities, if he could do all of these,

i;m sure, whtever troubles you have right now, you WILL, definitely pull thru((:


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