sunburnt queen_______kids day 07'

owell. so it's kid's day on 1st oct so moriah kc went over to pasir ris park carpark A to celebrate!! woots!
these are my loverly kids!
brilliant, jiajia, johanna, lil gabriel, fiorina, philus and daniel. haha
cool names eh=p lol.

so anyhow their loverly faces were drawn as part of a game and of course! being their big jiejie (youth leader) i gta do tt too! heehs.
but. i didnt take a pitcher of that=p
though of course! mine was 3 teeny ones drawn by the cutesy lil boy:D

in one of the games. they gta do this stilts race thing. and; duh. we gta participate. HAHAHA.
was so scared tt i was gna fall flat on my face!
(those kids CAN laugh! *shudder*)
but owells. i did a FAB job. haha!
then. during h20 break, johanna and brilliant went to play and pretty lil jo gta do this lil pose thing. haha!

during of the our unglam moments.
jana, jeslin and i.
actually we wanted to take a pretty one! then n73 LAGGED! and thus. jes was halfway out of the pic./ haha!! only jana looked presentable ah.
my eyes are teeny!

ooh. so after everything. teacher jess sent me to pasir ris train station tgt with janice, javis and jana (and their help) in the back seat. nope. they're hitching a ride too. haha!
so. i REALLY couldnt resist. i swiveled to the back and was like;
"hi jana! jiejie take a pitcher of u kk? haha! u look so lovely!" haha
but she;s really pretty!!!
she looks so like a doll!
bangs and huge dolly eyes. haha!

oh and.
everyone knows tt i used to stay in pasir ris st. 72 right? haha!
so. used to go white sands wif my fam and i gta say its changed so freakin much!!!!


went kallang to meet swee, liang and ron and i actually SLEPT at the freakin bus stop while waiting for them!!
i was so so tired that i couldnt stay awake le.
haha. i didnt drool. but whn they arrived. i was super groggy.

lol. anyhow went walking abt getting some stuff and getting food at geylang ave 17. or whtever. anyhow. wow.
when i got home.
and when i finally looked in the mirror proper like after 1 hr or so.


my cheek, nose, chin are like reddish!
i totally cant tan properly.
oh god. i just looked dwn at my arm and they're red too!!!!!!!!

it's so so warm in singapore today.
i want air conditioning temperature!!!

anyhow. UPDATE!
yst was my last day at billy bombers and i gta say. it was sad leaving the team. anyhow. haha!
i;ve got my two security who surprised me ah! haha!

dad came to pick us up. haha.
so. were in the BACKSEAT!!! lol.

i gta say; mobiles should come with the anti-shake function too!!
or whtever it's called. motion whtever,
it's such a bumpy ride even though well on the well bulldozed roads of singapore. sigh.
so it's all blurry and all.
and yer. my hair's in a pony tail!! haha!!!

we all went supper at toa payoh lor 8 and had chai tao kuey. white with chilli. heehs.
tt's prolly why i feel so fat tdy. but~ i dont really care (yet./ lol)

i love u all!!!

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